Our Team


Professor John Fraser

Professor John Fraser is a Pre-Eminent Specialist in ICU, and the Founder/ Director of the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG), at The Prince Charles Hospital and the University of Queensland - Australia's largest multi disciplinary research critical care group. He is President of the Asia Pacific ELSO , has Professorships at 5 Australian Universities, is  Director of the ICU at, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital. He is co-founder of BiVACOR PTY LTD, a bionic heart and founder of DeMotuCordis, a platform technology for emergency drug administration, where he has appointed John Eales AM, the two time World Cup Winnign captain of the Wallabies.

Associate Professor Nathan Palpant

Dr. Nathan Palpant is a group leader at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland. His research program uses human stem cells to study mechanisms of heart development and disease. Dr Palpant is a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow and on the leadership of national research organisations including the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance Precision Medicine Flagship, the Australian Functional Genomics Network, and the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research.


A/Professor Christopher Askew

University of the
Sunshine Coast

A/Professor Jason Peart

Griffith University

Kerry Doyle

Australian Cardiovascular Alliance

Dr. Meegan Walker

ECR Representative

Professor Michael O’Sullivan

University of Queensland

Sue Hooper

Queensland Health

Professor Wally Thomas

University of Queensland

Dr Saman Khalesi

Central Queensland University

Sheree Hughes

Heart Foundation